Getting started is easy. Please complete the 3 easy steps. All information with an asterisk is mandatory

Employee Details - Step 1


Expense Type and Bank Account Details - Step 2

You need to tell us your bank account for payment and the expenses you wish to salary package.

Bank Account

We need your bank (savings) account. Same as your pay. Please list details below. (Once you choose your expense, you may select an alternative bank account).


List the expenses you wish to salary package. 

  • For each expense, you will need to provide proof of the expense. For more information on the documents required please click here.
  • You may attach proof of the expense now, or send in later. Advantage will tell you what we need.
  • Choose the expense from the list provided.



Additional Questions



Gross Earnings

Proof of Expenses Declaration - Step 3

I declare that:

  • I have provided true and correct information in connection with this form;
  • I will provide all documentation to support expenses claimed in a timely manner, and respond promptly to any reminders sent by Advantage Salary Packaging (Advantage) to provide that documentation;
  • I understand that if the supporting documentation is not provided, my salary package will be reduced and/or suspended until I provide that documentation;
  • I understand that my salary package will not be “back-dated” for any reduced amounts;
  • I accept all responsibility for any FBT liability or income tax payable as a result of not supplying supporting documentation as required; and
  • I accept that my employer and Advantage shall not be responsible for any taxation liability due to me not supplying supporting documents or any other non-compliance by me with the taxation laws.



If you need more Information please phone (03) 9822 3455 or email